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Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel

The invention relates to topical agents used for treating nail diseases and nail care containing besides one or several active substances and possibly adjuvants and solubilisation physiologically tolerable agents, one or several compounds of formula I: R-O-R1, wherein R is a linear or branched alkyl Try the new Google Patents, with machine-classified Google Scholar results, and Japanese and South Korean patents.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations for treating fingernails EP B1. R-O-R1, wherein R is a linear or branched alkyl group comprising carbon atoms and R1 Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel hydrogen, a formula or acetyl group.

The inventive agents are also appropriate for veterinary medicine for treating fungal infections of hooves and nails of Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel and working animals. Utilization according to claims 1 and 2, characterized by the use Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel amyl formate or amyl acetate as a solubilising agent for the formula I. Utilization according to claims Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel and 2, characterized by the use of 1-hexyl formate or 1-hexyl acetate as a solubilising agent for the formula I.

Utilization according to claims 1 and 2, characterized by the use of 1-heptyl formate or 1-heptyl acetate as a solubilising agent for the formula I. Utilization according to Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel 1 and 2, characterized by the use of 2-heptyl formate or 2-heptyl acetate as a solubilising agent for the formula I. Utilization according to claims Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel and 2, characterized by the use of 1-octyl formate or 1-octyl acetate as a solubilising Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel for the formula I.

Utilization according to claims 1 and 2, characterized by the use of 2-octyl formate or 2-octyl acetate as a solubilising agent for the formula I. Utilization according click here claims Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel and 2, characterized by the use of one or more excipients selected from the Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel containing terpene or terpene oils, alcohols, ketones, ester fatty acids, polyglycols, tensides, urea, antioxidants and complexation agents.

Utilization according claim 2, characterized by the use of one or more active therapeutic substances selected from the group composed of antimycotics of natural or synthetic origin, antibiotics, antiseptics and corticosteroids.

The present invention relates to topical application products for the treatment of nail diseases and nail care with improved penetration ability through the nail substance and through the skin and claims the use of acetates and formates of the formula I according to claims 1 and Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel. The direct topical treatment of nail diseases and Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel care which is practically free of side effects are very simple to perform and low cost operation.

The main Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel of the direct topical application of nail preparations, however, is to bring the active ingredients, including nutrients and anabolic Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel in sufficient quantities through the Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel in the deeper layers of tissue and into the nail root and completely destroying the present there pathogen see more the nail to supply nutrients and nutrients.

By conventional means Although it is Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel to bring the symptoms by direct topical treatment to subside, however, they occur after discontinuation of treatment in most cases again.

It has been proposed, thereby improving treatment success in the direct topical application of drugs that the active ingredients together Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel a so-called carrier, ie a substance and besides a good solution for the active substance is also a good penetration properties through the nail substance the has ability to transport the active agent through the nail tissue, applied to the application. Drugs for the Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel of onychomycosis describes the addition of an at least partially water soluble antifungal drug substance, and one of a straight chain or branched C 2 -C 8 alkanol and at least one third consisting of water-dissolving medium, at least one hydrophilic, the penetration of the antimycotic through the Nail-promoting source. In der publizierten In the published WO-A WO-A werden Nagelbehandlungsmittel enthaltend Fluconazol, einen Carrier und Penetrationsverbesserer, insbesondere Caprylalkohol, t-Amylalkohol bzw.

In der Publikation von Mertin, Dirk et al. The publication by Mertin, Dirk et al. Die Anmeldung Log in Register WO-A WO-A offenbart einen Lack als topisches Mittel zur Behandlung von Mykosen und Bakterien, wobei der Lack, enthaltend den Wirkstoff nicht den Nagel bzw.

Die DOS beschreibt ein antimykotisches Nagelbehandlungsmittel in Form eines Lackes mit pflanzlichen Wirkstoffen und Amylacetat. The DOS describes an antifungal nail treatment products in the form of Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel coating on herbal ingredients and amyl acetate. Ferner ist die Anwesenheit von Wasser erforderlich. Furthermore, the presence of Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel required. Other publications such as the Canadian High Patent differ mainly by various solvents or click to see more. In der In the EP-A EP-A bzw.

Die Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Log Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Register SU-A-1 SU-A vgl. ANDerwent Publications Ltd. See ANPsoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Publications Ltd. Section Ch, WeekClass D21 discloses a nail polish remover with isoamyl acetate and a nurturing acting lipid combination.

In addition, the agent may contain Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel such as isoamyl acetate. None of the cited references discloses the Verwendug of formates or acetates of formula I as penetration enhancers for drugs that are applied on nails. There are yet no satisfactory method for use in the topical treatment of Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel diseases or topical nail care, which includes a carrier that transporting a necessary for lasting treatment success amount of active substance through the nail into the underlying nail bed and the nail root matrix is assured.

It is therefore an Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel of the present invention to solve the existing in connection with the use for the topical treatment of nail diseases and the topical nail care problems and to provide means which enable a rapid Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel lasting treatment success.

Formula I above comprises the formates and acetates of unbranched primary and secondary Prepping dermaleks Psoriasis Bewertungen Stylos 5 -C 8 alkanols, and the formates and acetates of the branched isomers of these alkanols.

Einzelne Vertreter von Formiaten und Acetaten von C 5 -C 8 Alkanolen der Formel I sind Amylformiat, Amylacetat, Isoamylformiat, Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel, 1-Hexylformiat, 1-Hexylacetat, 2-Hexylformiat, 2-Hexylacetat, 1-Heptylformiat, 1-Heptylacetat, 2-Heptylformiat, 2-Heptylacetat, 1-Oktylformiat, 1-Oktylacetat, 2-Oktylformiat und 2-Oktylacetat.

Individual representatives of formates and acetates of C 5 -C 8 alkanols Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel formula I are amyl formate, amyl acetate, Isoamylformiat, isoamyl acetate, 1-Hexylformiat, 1-hexyl, 2-Hexylformiat, 2-hexyl acetate, 1-Heptylformiat, 1-heptyl acetate, 2 -Heptylformiat, 2-heptyl, 1-Oktylformiat, 1-Oktylacetat, 2-Oktylformiat and 2-Oktylacetat.

Bevorzugte C 5 -C 8 Alkylester sind C 5 -C 8 Alkylacetate. Preferred C 5 -C 8 alkyl esters are C 5 -C 8 alkyl acetates. Besonders bevorzugt sind C 5 -C 6 Alkylacetate.

Particularly preferred are C 5 -C 6 alkyl acetates. Weiterhin bevorzugt sind Mischungen von mehrreren C 5 -C 6 Alkylacetaten. Also preferred are mixtures of C 5 -C 6 alkyl acetates mehrreren. Principle for the novel topical agents are all therapeutic agents synthetic and natural origin into account, which are effective in Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel and periungual diseases.

Also suitable as active substances nutrient and anabolic substances into consideration, which are effective in nail care. Suitable therapeutic active substances which may be included in the inventive compositions for the topical treatment of nail Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel, are antimycotics of synthetic and natural origin, antibiotics, antiseptics and corticosteroids, and combinations of said active substances.

Particularly suitable antifungal agents are synthetic and natural origin and nutrients and anabolic substances which are effective in Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel care.

Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel examples of therapeutic agents include: Antifungal agents of natural origin, such as essential oils and plant extracts. Preferred antimycotics of natural origin are tea tree oil Melaleuca alternifolialavender Lavandula officinalis chaixAustralian Blue Cypress Oil callitis intratropica and leaf extract of the neem Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Azadirachta indica.

These natural antifungals can be used as single agents or in combination of several such agents. A preferred drug combination is a mixture Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel lavender oil, tea tree oil and Australian Blue Cypress Oil.

Ofloxacin6- 5-methylphenylisoxazolecarboxamido penicillanic acid oxacillin6-phenoxyacetylamino-penicillanic acid phenoxymethylpenicillin4-dimethylamino-pentahydroxy-octahydro-1,dioxomethylnaphtacen carboxamide tetracycline.

Bevorzugte Antibiotika sind Doxycyclin, Minocyclin, Neomycin. Preferred antibiotics are doxycycline, minocycline, neomycin. Specific examples of combinations of active substances are: Kombinationen von Kortikosteroiden mit Antimykotika, Antibiotika oder Antiseptika. Combinations of corticosteroids with antifungals, Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel or antiseptics. Combinations of antimycotics of synthetic origin with antimycotics of natural origin.

A preferred combination is bis-phenyl- 2-chloro-phenyl imidazolylmethan clotrimazole with tea tree oil. Combinations of various antifungal agents of natural origin. A preferred combination is lavender oil, tea tree Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel and Australian- Blue- Cypress Oil.

Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel nourishing active ingredients according to the present invention come mainly nutrients and anabolic substances into consideration. Preferred click the following article and anabolic substances selected from the groups of amino acids, vitamins and minerals are.

Preferred amino acids are S -2,6-diaminohexanoic acid lysineR aminomercaptopropionic acid cysteineand in particular 2-pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid L-proline. Mit L-Prolin wurde ein Aufbaustoff gefunden, der Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel zum Nagelaufbau und zur Nagelpflege als besonders geeignet erwiesen hat. With L-proline, a construction material has been found which has proved Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel nail structure and nail care to be particularly suitable.

Bevorzugte Mineralstoffe sind anorganische und organische Calcium- Magnesium- und Zinkverbindungen, Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel als organische Salze wie zB als Glycerophosphate oder Lactate. Preferred minerals are inorganic and organic calcium, magnesium and zinc compounds, preferably as organic salts such as lactates or as glycerophosphates. Specific combinations of nutrients and anabolic substances are: Combinations of 2-pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid L-proline with one or more further nutrient and anabolic substances selected from the groups of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The topical agents according to the invention can besides one or more active substances and one or more compounds of formula I contain conventional physiologically acceptable auxiliary substances. Suitable excipients and solubilizer Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel this type containing, for example, terpenes or terpene Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel, alcohols, ketones, fatty acid esters, polyglycols, tensides, urea, antioxidants and complexing agents.

Suitable terpenes are acyclic, monocyclic and bicyclic terpenes and oils containing these terpenes. Besonders geeignete Terpene sind monocyclische Terpenalkohole, wie zB Thymol und Menthol. Particularly suitable terpenes are monocyclic terpene alcohols, such as thymol and Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel. Examples of suitable oils containing terpenes are peppermint oil, cardamom oil, geranium oil, rose oil, thuja oil and thyme oil.

Especially suitable oils are peppermint oil, lavender Psoriasis-Impfung and thyme oil. Suitable alcohols are branched or unbranched alcohols having 1 Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel 3 hydroxy groups and 2 to 4 carbon atoms, wherein the hydroxy groups may be partially or completely etherified and esterified.

Speziell geeignete Alkohole sind Ethanol, 1-Propanol, 2-Propanol Isopropanol1,2-Propandiol Propylenglykol2-Phenylethanol Phenylethylalkohol1-Butanol Psoriasis NagelbehandlungsmittelEthylenglycolmonomethylether MethoxyethanolEthylenglycolmonophenylether Phenoxyethanol1,2,3-Trihydroxypropan GlycerinEthylacetat, Butylacetat, Glycerindiacetat Diacetin und Glycerintriacetat Triacetin. Particularly suitable alcohols are ethanol, 1-propanol, 2-propanol isopropanol1,2-propanediol propylene glycol2-phenylethanol phenylethyl1-Butanol butyl alcoholethylene Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel monomethyl ether methoxy ethanolethylene glycol monophenyl ether phenoxyethanol1,2,3-trihydroxypropane glycerolethyl acetate, butyl acetate, glycerol diacetate diacetin and glycerol triacetate triacetin.

Als geeignete Ketone kommen beispielsweise Aceton und Methylethylketon Suitable ketones, solubilizers interne Behandlung von Psoriasis zum example, come acetone and methyl ethyl ketone 2-Butanon in Betracht. As the Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel acid esters are suitable esters of saturated and unsaturated, branched and unbranched fatty acids having 8 to 21 carbon atoms, wherein the alcohol component includes branched and unbranched alcohols having 1 to 6 carbon atoms.

Ein geeignetes Polyglykol ist beispielsweise Polyethylenglykol A suitable polyglycol such as polyethylene glycol th. Suitable surfactants are, for example, non-ionic surfactants. Especially suitable surfactants are partial esters of sorbitan spanpartial of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate Tweenfatty acid esters of polyoxyethylene Myrj and fatty alcohol ethers of polyoxyethylene Brij.

Geeignete Antioxidantien sind beispielsweise Butylhydroxytoluol BHTButylmethoxyphenol BHA article source, Tocopherole und Ascorbate. Suitable antioxidants are, for example, butylated hydroxytoluene BHTbutylmethoxyphenol BHAtocopherols and ascorbates.

As complexing example, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid EDTA and disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic are Na 2 -ETDA. As inventive topical application products as Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel, tinctures, emulsions, gels, ointments creams and paste into account. Preferred topical dosage forms are solutions. In the production of solutions require some active ingredients, for example proline, to increase its solubility the addition of a certain amount of water in combination with a solubilizer.

As solubilizers lower alkanols, such as methanol, ethanol, propanol and isopropanol, and acetone are suitable. The resulting solution is Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel used directly as such for click to see more application. The solution can, however, also be brought under addition of other physiologically acceptable formulation excipients by conventional dissolving, mixing and suspending processes in a different topical, already mentioned Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel form.

The novel topical agents in the form of solutions are Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel used. Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel invention further relates Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel the use of the novel topical agents for the treatment, prevention, treatment or supportive treatment of nail diseases and periungual diseases and nail care. Moreover, the present invention relates to the use of the Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel agents Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel the treatment of fungal infections of hooves, paws and claws of pets and farm animals.

Topical application products containing antimycotics are suitable for example for the following indications: Support the treatment of periungual nail infections such as Candida paronychium. Topical application products containing antibiotics are suitable eg for the following indications: Topical application products containing antiseptics are suitable eg for the following indications: Treatment and prevention of nail and periungual infections caused by unspecific or not identified pathogens.

Topical application products containing corticosteroids or combinations of corticosteroids with antifungals, antibiotics or antiseptics are suitable eg for the following indications: Treatment, prevention, treatment or supportive treatment of nail psoriasis or other inflammatory nail and periungual conditions. The novel pharmaceutical, topical agents useful in the treatment of nail diseases and periungual diseases to toe and fingernails, and for the treatment Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel diseases of the hooves, paws and claws of pets and farm animals.

Die Applikationsfrequenz der pharmazeutischen Mittel richtet sich nach dem Ausmass und der Lokalisation Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Erkrankung.

The frequency of application of pharmaceutical products depends on the extent and location of the disease. In general, a one- to three-time use per day is sufficient.

Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel solution is then directly applied to the diseased nail. Therapy should after fungi, spores or other pathogens are no longer detectable in the laboratory still be continued in order to prevent relapse in about weeks. The novel cosmetic topical application products containing one or more nutrients and anabolic substances are suitable for nail care, such as in Nail atrophies to toe and fingernails. Nail atrophies include eg fragile, brittle and thin nails as well as point-like or streaky white spots.

The preparation is applied to Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel cosmetically unsightly nails and or, if necessary, to the surrounding skin area. Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Applikationsfrequenz der Zubereitung richtet Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel nach dem Ausmass und der Lokalisation der Atrophie.

The frequency of application preparation depends Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel the extent and location of the atrophy. In general, a one- to two applications per day is sufficient. The novel topical agents have the advantage that they source penetrate the diseased nail together with the active substance within a few days or saturate and to unfold in the nail bed and Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel nail root.

Durch die bessere Penetration und den damit verbundenen rascheren Wirkungseintritt Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel die Behandlung von Nagelkrankheiten in der Regel nach etwa Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel bis vier Monaten abgeschlossen. By better penetration and faster onset of action related to the treatment of nail diseases is usually completed in about two to four months.

Thereby, the patient compliance is significantly improved, since the required with other treatment methods long treatment time is substantially shortened.

Bei erkrankter Haut, insbesondere bei periungualen Hautbezirken, tritt der Heilungsprozess beziehungsweise der Pflegeeffekt rascher ein, da der Wirkstoff effizient und schnell in die Haut eindringt. With diseased skin, in particular periungual skin areas, the healing process or the care effect in faster, since the active substance penetrates sufficiently and quickly into the skin.

Nail care should be performed usually for a month. To maintain healthy nail substance the nail care product can also be used for an extended period of time. Die vorliegende Erfindung wird Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel folgende Beispiele veranschaulicht: The present invention is illustrated by the following examples: Australian-Blue-Cypress -Oil Australian Blue Cypress -Oil 2,0 g 2. The Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel is stirred until a homogeneous solution is obtained.

L- Prolin L-proline Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel g 2. L-proline is dissolved in ethanol and water Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel stirring. Then amyl acetate is added and stirring was continued until a homogeneous solution is obtained. Amorolfin Amorolfin 1,0 g 1. Amorolfin will be added with stirring to the mixture of ethanol and hexyl acetate and stirred until a homogeneous solution is obtained.

Terbinafin Base Terbinafine Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel 1,0 g 1. H2O ionenfrei H2O ion-free g g Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Ultrez 10 Carbopol Ultrez 10 g Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel. H2O is Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel, sprinkled with stirring Carbopol and swell.

Amyl is added to the fat phase and the mixture is homogenized with vigorous stirring to the water phase. Allow the cream and adjusted to pH 5. Kind code of ref document: Ref legal event code: Country of ref document: Date just click for source ref document: LANGUAGE OF EP DOCUMENT: AVAILABILITY OF NATIONAL Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel. LAPSE BECAUSE OF FAILURE TO SUBMIT A TRANSLATION OF THE Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel OR TO PAY THE FEE WITHIN THE PRESCRIBED TIME-LIMIT.


Classifications 34Legal Events EspacenetEP Register. Australian-Blue-Cypress -Oil Australian Blue Cypress -Oil. Wasser deionisiert Water deionized. Terbinafin Base Terbinafine Base. H2O ionenfrei H2O ion-free. Carbopol Ultrez 10 Carbopol Ultrez Emulgade NI Emulgade NI. Lanette N Lanette N.

A1 Designated state s: Request for Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel of the european patent to any country deleted. GB Ref legal Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel code: FG4D Free format text: B1 Designated state s: CH Ref legal event code: RO Ref legal event code: DE Date of ref document: IE Ref legal event code: PT Ref legal event code: SC4A Free format text: AVAILABILITY OF NATIONAL TRANSLATION Effective date: SE Ref legal event code: GR Ref legal event code: EP Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel document number: Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform.

SI Free format text: LAPSE BECAUSE OF FAILURE TO SUBMIT A TRANSLATION OF THE DESCRIPTION OR TO PAY THE FEE WITHIN THE PRESCRIBED TIME-LIMIT Effective Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel ES Ref legal event code: FG2A Ref Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel number: ES Kind code of ref document: FI Free format text: BG Free format text: Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Ref legal event code: HU Ref legal event code: AG4A Ref document number: E Country of ref document: MC Free format text: LAPSE BECAUSE OF NON-PAYMENT OF DUE FEES Effective Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel DK Free format text: EE Free format text: CZ Free format text: SK Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel format text: PL Free format text: MM4A Free format text: LAPSE DUE TO NON-PAYMENT OF FEES Effective date: LU Free format text: TR Free format text: PT Free format text: CH Free format text: LI Free format text: HU Free format text: AT Ref legal event code: Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Ref document Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel AT Kind code of ref document: CY Free format text: NL Ref legal event code: AT Free format Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel SE Free format text: RO Free format text: NL Free format text: GB Free format text: FR Ref legal event code: PLFP Year of fee payment: DE Ref legal event code: R Ref document number: GR Free format text: ML Ref document number:


Institute for Theoretical Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel, because not all antihistamines medicines can take children with chickenpox, body, ed, and without commercial influence. Antibiotic resistance is Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel in hospitals quite frequently. Shop PRODUCTS Featured Category.

The No-Diet Approach Lose weight without dieting. Homology BLAST Basic Local Alignment Search Tool BLAST Stand-alone BLAST Link BLink Conserved Domain Database CDD Conserved Domain Search Service CD Search Genome ProtMap Spuren von Protein Clusters All Homology Resources Proteins BioSystems BLAST Basic Local Alignment Search Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel BLAST Stand-alone BLAST Link BLink Conserved Domain Database CDD Conserved Domain Search Service CD Search E-Utilities ProSplign Protein Clusters Protein Database Reference Sequence RefSeq All Proteins Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Sequence Analysis BLAST Basic Local Alignment Search Tool BLAST Stand-alone BLAST Link BLink Conserved Domain Search Service CD Search Genome ProtMap Genome Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel Influenza Virus Primer-BLAST ProSplign Splign All Read more Analysis Resources Taxonomy Taxonomy Taxonomy Browser Taxonomy Common Tree All Taxonomy Resources Variation Database of Genomic Structural Variation dbVar Database of Psoriasis Nagelbehandlungsmittel and Phenotypes dbGaP Database of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms dbSNP SNP Submission Tool All Variation Resources PubMed US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

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